General Information
Minecraft Username: <Trees_2002>
Age: <15>
Location/Timezone: <UK>
Staff referral (refer to the requirement section before filling out this part, False referral answer will be an instant deny) <None>

1. How long have you been playing on the server that you are applying for?: <1 day>
2. How often can you play on the server?: <several hours every day>
3. Do you have any active reports or bans against you within LunarRisingMC? (If so Explain why): <no>
4. Why have you decided to apply? (In Detail):​ <I want to help out the server>
5. You see two players argue and spamming the chat, what do you do?: <Mute them in the chat>
6. Do you have any information to add: <No>

I hereby agree to follow the guidelines set-forth above(Agree/Disagree): <Agree>